here is a Guide To Learn How To Camp like a pro

here is a Guide To Learn How To Camp like a pro


If you have ever driven through a campground and noticed families having good fun camping together and thought, “that looks that a great family activity”, you are right! Camping is one of the most wholesome, enjoyable, affordable and bonding experiences a family can get into. But in case you have driven along looking at all the equipment and techniques needed to learn camp and thought, “I will never learn to do all of that”, you are wrong.
It's not that hard to learn how to camp like a pro, and every step along the way is lots of fun for everybody.

So how do you get started learning to camp?

There is no question that there is some equipment involved and learning to set up a camp.
use your gear to enjoy a night of eating and sleeping in the open spaces. For many parents that want to begin camping to give their kids those experiences.
the idea of buying all that equipment is intimidating. And you don't want to get the wrong gear and then have to buy it all over again. Those sorts of errors can ruin your enthusiasm for expanding your camping hobby into a passion for camping.

Experienced people can give you a hand

So among the best ways to learn to camp is to camp with someone who is good at it. Many experienced camping families have excess equipment or know other families who will loan you gear to try out in your first camp outside. If one of your friends is experienced campers you can ask to join them on their next camp outside.  you borrow some gear and learn to use it and try out different camping options. when you already know what you like and do not like purchase your own equipment.

Another great way to get some camping experience without buying a thing is to become involved with camping organization. If you have kids, the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts are organizations geared to building life skills in children and who are heavily dedicated to camping. Most scout troops have an extensive arsenal of camping gear and the leadership are nearly always seasoned cyclists with a flair for teaching.

It's the mission of the scouts to train new recruits in the fine points of camping so you can tag along on some campouts and learn some great camping skills. Additionally, scouts actively encourage parent participation so daddy and mom can learn to camp right along with their kids. you may get involved with the scouts merely to harvest some camping skills and end up hooked and becoming lifelong Boy or Girl Scout fans. There are worse things kids or a whole family can be involved in for sure.

what kind of gear should I start with?

After getting some exposure, you will want to think through what sort of tents, sleeping bags and other camping gear you might want to purchase as you start your family camping hobby.
Many two-man tents are inexpensive and easy to transport, install and break down.
But if you will have the entire family in one tent, you may want to get a bigger family tent. But look ahead on your camping life. As the kids grow older, they may want to go out into their own tents.

Another consideration is whether you will need electricity and water facilities at the campgrounds you visit. Many campers prefer to use water and electricity hookups to make it easier to learn how to camp.
remember to take extension cords and water hoses so that you can bring the resources into camp.

 pack light and only take what is needed

Also, think about the space in your vehicle for camping gear. You don't want to get a vehicle only for camping initially.
learn to pack light and only take what is needed is an important skill for you.

Take it slow as you learn new techniques of camping and start to use new tools.
expand your camping gear by purchase new piece of gear each season so you find your skills at using it.

Take it slow in how ambitious you get on your camping plans. Don't drive two days into the deep hills if you are new to the game. Start out with one-night camp outs near home. Yes, your first camp outside may even be in your backyard.
you can perform a trial run with your gear but be close enough to run inside if things go wrong.
Then slowly expand the number of nights you are out and how far from home you get.

camping is an addictive passion

You will find camping to be an addictive passion and you will be glad your family got hooked on. By developing your skills you can take on more competitive camping adventures over time. Then once you are a pro camper, you will look back at your progress and get some real gratification that you took on something brand new and made it your own. You will be proud of yourself and your kids will be proud too since they'll have a love of camping that will serve them for the rest of their lives.

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