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Four-Season Ultra-Light Self Inflating Sleeping Pad

MOBILITY COMFORT AND WARMTH Gear Doctors Self inflating sleeping pad packs small as is 8*12 inch 2.1 lb Comes with it's Carry Pouch easily fits in your bag unpacked Provide comfort 15% larger surface Than average we’re 74.6 inches long (6.2 ft)and 24 inches wide(not including the edges) with our 1.5 inch Thick Special Thermoinsulating Foam We could achieve an outstanding 4.3 R-Value That makes it the perfectly insulated sleeping pad for Camping Hiking Fishing backpacking even in cold weather

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How Our Product Is Different ?

Super Smart Outer Shell

From The touch of it you'll get to tell the quality difference in Gear Doctors Being able to achieve Such quality with Exclusive Micro Coated 75D green Polyester to Give it not only Extra Strength but also UV, Mildew, hypoallergenic and water resistant as well make it Skin Friendly for toddlers kids and adults Offering you an Easy to clean, Durable and the maximum value for your dollars

Superior Insulation

We’ve tested different foam compounds before we stumble upon the Unique THERMOINSULATION foam technology with it we could achieve an outstanding R-Value of 4.3 Which prevents the ground from sucking the heat of your body to the cold ground if you camping in a cold weather

Easy Inflate/Deflate

As soon as you twist the valve open, unroll the pad you'll hear the air flowing in the open cell thermo insulating foam ! a few simple buffs to top it up, once inflated it can hold air for days giving you the comfort of your bedroom

Longer Air Retention

Gear Doctors Compact Sleeping Pad Comes With Premium NON-LEAK Valve , NEVER AGAIN worry about jagged rocks, uneven ground or air leaks during the night leaving you on a cold or hard ground during outdoor activity Which makes it a perfect gift idea too

Why Gear Doctors ?

Lifetime Warranty

In Gear Doctors our goal is to make sure that you are completely satisfied with your purchase. That’s why we design our products to deliver long lasting performance. That’s why we build our products to high standards of quality. That’s why we stand behind our product with our Limited Lifetime Warranty

Detailed User Manual

Making this product available we've learned a lot about every problem that a user could face and we made sure we fix the ones that are related to the production process , but there are problems about the usage of the product so we took the time to write a user guide That will help you get the best results using your sleeping pad

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We reach out Individually to each customer 4 times after the purchase process over a period of 10-20 days to make sure they are 100% satisfied with their purchase as well help them to solve any problem from technical problems to refunds and replacements as well we respond to any message within 24 hours

Friendly Outdoors Community

Made by Outdoors enthusiasts for outdoors enthusiasts

with our passion in outdoors we already have a great community that you will be part of there we offer really useful content as in stories , outdoors guides and entertainment as well it's fun and you will learn a thing or two

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"I don't think i can get anything of better quality for the price.The second thing I did was roll it out to let it self inflate,with adding 2 to 6 good breaths into it,it was as firm as I wanted it.the last test was if the contours of my body would touch the floor while laying on it,mind you I am 6'4" and weighing 230lbs.after laying on the pad and was very surprised that nothing was touching the floor I knew this was the best purchase in a 1.5inch in thickness you can possible get.This pad has a good perfect for cold warm weather you can use it on sand rocks or snow. Last but not least I was excited to test this pad on a camping trip .After a 11 mile hike and sleeping on this pad I slept perfect and warm in a cold temperature of 48 degrees,woke up and knew I had made the right decision with purchasing this sleeping pad.I would highly recommend this pad to anyone looking for a light weight sleeping pad that is insulated and of good quality."
Pamela J Maziarz
"It arrived on time and appears to be a better deal than we expected! It even fit my son's 6' 2" height, I loved how itself, and it deflates really smooth, it was 1.5 inches thick so when you sleep your body never touches the ground, When we purchased this amazing sleeping pad it replaced the other sleeping pad we had that was ruined for the fraction of their price. I would totally recommend this to anyone who wants good outdoor sleep."
Mary Wessel
"Working for an Outdoor Company, I own TONS of sleeping pads. I am always loaning them out, choosing different pads for different occasions and so on.. I can say this pad is just as premium as the "Big Boys" such as REI, Thermarest, and others. BUT THIS PAD COST LESS THAN HALF OF THOSE!! Making this an excellent value! Pros
1- Self Inflating: I hate going on a long hiking trip and them having to use 50 breaths of air to blow up a pad! It's not fun so I don't mind the extra bulk of self-inflating pads and you can blow it a few times and make it firmer.
2- Very comfortable and totally isolate you from the ground. 3- Packable and durable - Packs much smaller than other pads I own and fits anywhere.
4.) Wonderful Quality!! Great pad and a GREAT PRICE. Overall I highly recommend this pad! It has performed very well for me so far, its an excellent option for those who looking for something more comfy and less expensive than the other brands"
Timothy Burns
"My wife and I ordered 2 Gear Doctors self-inflating sleep pads. They were well packed and unrolled nicely. I have given them some extra puffs to help inflate it, (particularly for the first time) to firm them up. Both my wife and I tested them with our bag and it fitted in just perfect, and we found the pad extremely comfortable. They look like they are built well and will hold up well for us for years. We then opted to roll it up full width, without folding it lengthwise first, as this is the way we personally like to carry them on our backpacks. We both look forward to using them on the next trips."
Micah Brode


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