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Outdoors Gear Made By Outdoors Lovers

Ideas from outdoor lovers translated into a real products by professional production engineers, to be tested and improved multiple times before mass production
listening closely to every feedback to improve both the products and service so we always meet your expectations


We know that having your gear fail can be a pain, especially if you're out in the wild with nothing to rely on. That's why we work hard and deliver products which will last all situations - no matter what comes at them!


We know how hard it is to carry around weight that doesn't belong on you while trying to enjoy what's out there, So we try our best to make our products the lightest and most comfortable out there


We're here for you, always! Our customer support is available to be contacted about anything at all times and on top of that we include a repair kit in every product so there's no need to worry if something goes wrong

Life-Time Warranty

We believe that you should never have a bad experience. That's why we offer a Hassle-Free lifetime warranty on all our products, and on top of that we include a repair kit. You'll never have any problems getting help from us!

You asked for Light and Durable so we Answered

We use A 40D Nylon Fabric which is rated at 3500mm HH & 17.8 kg tear strength in our sleeping pads to provide extra strength while maintaining their weight being Ultralight compared to any other!
As well use a layer of TPU Coating with Thermal properties to give it that extra durability, comfort, and warmth


We use the “Laser Flash” Method to test all our products
And it works like this:
“The front side of the pad is heated by a short time light pulse, The resulting change on the other surface is measured by an IR sensor,
Then the R-Value can be decided by analyzing the change of the temperature versus the time curve

Also before launching the product we send them to testers in our testing program to get their feedback and improve

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