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How To Use Gear Doctors Special Edition Oxylus Self-Inflating Camping Pad

How To Use Gear Doctors Special Edition Oxylus Self-Inflating Camping Pad

how to inflate

1- Take the pad out of the pouch and unroll it.

2- Open the valve completely and let the pad self-inflate for 3 minutes to reach 70% inflation.


3- Turn the knob to the "inflow setting" and use your mouth to top it up with extra few breaths to get more firmness.

4- Close the valve tightly and now your pad is set and ready to use!


how to deflate and store

1- After you are done using the pad, open the valve completely to let the air out.

2- After the pad is deflated roll the pad towards the valve with consistent pressure to ensure that the rest of the air leaves the pad.

3- Use the compression straps to keep the pad folded and hold it in place.


4- Store the pad in the carry pouch and you're done. 


1- Inflate the sleeping pad and close the valve.

2- Prepare a soft brush, cloth, sponge, and PH-neutral detergent soap or gel.

3- Use a wet sponge with soap to remove minor dirt or stains.

4- Get the soft brush and start removing any thick soil or pine tree wax from the pad.

5- Wipe the pad with a damp cloth to remove any residual soap

6- Hang the pad to dry after thoroughly cleaning it.

7- Avoid drying the sleeping pad in direct sunlight.  

Never store your mattress wet!



Follow the steps below to maintain the pad's long-term durability and air circulation, as well as to make self-inflation faster when camping.

1- Unroll the pad, allow it to self-inflate, add a few breaths and leave the valve open.

2- Make sure there is no moisture or humidity inside or outside the sleeping pad.

3- Keep the pad flat with the valve open & place it under your bed, behind the couch, on the bookshelf, or in the back of your closet.


On some occasions, the sleeping pad may have punctures or holes by accident. Use the provided repair kit and follow the procedures below to fix the pad.

1- Submerge the inflated pad in a bathtub and look for bubbles coming out of the leak.

2- If you don't have access to a bathtub, rub the pad using a sponge with soap and water and look for little bubbles coming out.

3- Clean the leaking area, mark it, and let the pad dry completely.

4- Use the patch to cover the punctured area.

5- Rest the patch for 4 hours before inflating the pad.



1- Twist the valve open till it doesn't move any further

2- Pull the valve Cap out, You'll be able to see the "O" Ring valve core

3- Pick the old "O" Ring Valve core gently using a hairpin or a tooth-pick

4- Place the new "O" Ring Valve Core, press it so it's well placed

5- Press the valve Cap to close the valve, and you're good to go!


Always carry the stuff pouch to protect the sleeping pad from any unclean, wet materials, or harmful components.

Your new sleeping pad has been folded, rolled, and stored since production. We recommend inflating it overnight with a closed valve before using it for the first time. If the sleeping pad has been stored for some time, follow the same steps.

The sleeping pad should not be left damp for an extended period of time. Moisture will build up, potentially damaging the fabric. The warranty does not cover this.

Do not overinflate as this will damage the sleeping pad.

Do not leave the product inflated with a closed valve in direct sunlight, in your car, or in your tent.

Do not expose the product to intense sunlight, hot objects, or flame.

Do not use the product as a float or for life-saving.

Do not use the product as a sliding pad.

Do not use an electronic pump or hand pump to adjust inflation.

Do not use cleaning products containing chlorine or DEET-based insect repellants and sunscreen.

Keep the product out of the reach of pets.

Protect the pad with a piece of protective fabric unless it's being used in a tent to avoid punctures from sharp objects.








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