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How To Use Gear Doctors Ultralight Inflatable Camping Pillow

How To Use Gear Doctors Ultralight Inflatable Camping Pillow

Gear Doctors Camping Pad, made by professional outdoors enthusiasts,

Putting together the best designs, material, and customer service 

 Ergonomic design

 Wide head space

 Adjustable pressure

 Smart baffle system

 Silent comfort

 Tough non-allergenic TPU fabric

 Anti-slip rubber dots




1- Take the pillow out of the pouch, Open the valve and inflate

2- Adjust firmness by releasing air from the valve using the adjustment Needle included

3- Close the valve tightly and now your pillow is set and ready to use!

how to deflate and store

1- Open the valve to deflate the pillow, after it is fully deflated fold it in half horizontally 

2- Now that the deflated pillow is folded in half, fold it in half again but this time vertically

3- Fold the pillow one last time

4- Now that you have folded the pillow 3 times, roll it tightly and store it in the pouch to ensure it protection


 Periodic cleaning is recommended to prevent food, oils, or other materials from degrading your pillow.

1- Fully inflate the pillow and close the valve.

2- Use a soft bristle brush and any mild household degreasing cleaner or detergent.

3- Rinse and leave the pillow unrolled to dry. Never store your mattress wet!

• Please test upon purchase

 Do not use your camping pillow as a seat

 Please test before you hit the road

 Do not overinflate the camping pillow




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