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How To Use Gear Doctors Self-Inflating Camping Pad

How To Use Gear Doctors Self-Inflating Camping Pad

how to inflate

1- Take the pad out of the pouch and unroll it

2- Open the valve and let the sleeping pad inflate, It could take 3-5 minutes on average


3- Top it up with extra few breaths to get more firmness

4- Close the valve tightly and now your pad is set and ready to use!



how to deflate and store

1- After you are done using the pad open the valve to let the air out

2- After the pad is fully deflated fold it in half vertically


3- Now that the pad is folded, make sure the valve is open, roll towards the valve while applying consistent pressure to release extra air (when you reach the valve apply extra pressure to get as much air as possible out before you close the valve)

4- Put the compression straps to keep the sleeping pad folded


5- Store the pad in the carry pouch with the valve open to ensure it protection


• Periodic cleaning is recommended to prevent food, oils, or other materials from degrading your mattress.

1- Fully inflate the mattress and close the valve.

2- Use a soft bristle brush and any mild household degreasing cleaner or detergent.

3- Rinse and leave the mattress unrolled to dry. Never store your mattress wet!

1- Locate the leak by submerging the inflated pad in a bathtub and check for any bubbles coming out through the leak.

(alternatively, you can rub a sponge with soap and water and check for small bubbles coming out)

2- Clean the leak area, mark it, then leave the pad to fully dry.

3-  Press the patch firmly over the puncture.

4- Do not inflate for at least 4 hours to allow the repair to set.



1- Twist the valve open till it doesn't move any further

2- Pull the valve Cap out, You'll be able to see the "O" Ring valve core

3- Pick the old "O" Ring Valve core gently using a hairpin or a tooth-pick

4- Place the new "O" Ring Valve Core, press it so it's well placed

5- Press the valve Cap to close the valve, and you're good to go!


• Always check for potential puncturing hazards under the Sleeping Pad area (thorns, sharp rocks, etc..).

• Use ground cloth beneath Sleeping Pad unless sleeping in a tent.

• Do not pressurize a Sleeping Pad with high-pressure pumps.

• Do not leave a Sleeping Pad inflated with the valve closed in a car or tent on a hot day.

 Do not contaminate the Sleeping Pad with Deet-based insect repellants, sunscreen, or chlorine.

• Do not expose Sleeping Pad to long periods of direct sunlight.

• Keep Sleeping Pad away from your pets.

• UPON PURCHASE: Your new Sleeping Pad has been stored tightly rolled since production, Inflate the Pad, Top it Up with a few breaths, close the valve and store inflated overnight, this will allow the foam to expand to its full potential as well a great test for the sleeping pad against any defects 

 STORAGE RECOMMENDATIONS: Store your Gear Doctors Sleeping Pad unrolled, filled with air and in a dry place, with its valve open.

(Suggestions: under a bed or a couch), because the sleeping pad foam tends to "remember" the shape it holds most often, your sleeping pad will self-inflate faster if stored unrolled.

If the sleeping pad is left damp for a long time, mildew may damage the cover, this is not covered by the warranty. 

 WAYS TEST BEFORE YOUR TRIP: The sleeping pad is a very critical piece of gear, bad storage conditions could damage your sleeping pad, so please inflate your sleeping pad with the valve closed overnight and test for any problems before you hit the road.








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